About Greatest Hits
Hello there! Welcome to Greatest Hits!

Above is a photo I took in 2017 at a record shop in the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. It's a great reminder of all the amazing places I have traveled over the years. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to 45 U.S. states, Europe, throughout the Caribbean, and South America. Too many cities to remember, and so many great places along the way — but many of them stood out because they were special in one way or another.

Around 10 years ago I started keeping notes and making lists for various cities around the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. I began scouring magazines, websites, social media, you name it to populate my lists. I was obsessed with this new hobby and it paid off every time I traveled. These list include not-to-miss spots from credible sources such as Bon Appètit, Imbibe Magazine, Punch Drink, Eater and James Beard just to name a few, as well as personal recommendations from friends, colleagues, bartenders, servers, tour guides, strangers, and new friends I met along the way while traveling. As I travel, I keep copious notes and details for each place I visit, and I am sure to note why each is worthy to come back to one day or tell a friend about. My lists have served me, and many of my close friends, very well over the years. To a point where I thought it's time to start sharing with everyone. And that is how Greatest Hits was born!

I'm so glad you're here, and I hope you enjoy my greatest hits! And I hope one day you too are lucky enough to land on two ZZ Top cassette tapes!

  Denny - Chief Experience Officer

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